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Hidden Cali introduces a flirtatious interplay between citrus and warmth, striking a specific balance between sweetness and tartness that is irresistible.

White and pink grapefruit are the most dominant forces behind Hidden Cali's scent signature. With such a strong and distinctive central focus, the additional flavors work like magic behind-the-scenes. Top notes of green vines, nutmeg, and frankincense soften the edginess of the citrus, while middle notes of patchouli, passionfruit, freesia, and sandalwood sweeten the deal. Cedarwood, vanilla, and musk provide a sumptuous base for the citrus to shine without overtaking its co-stars.

Having found that sweet spot (pun intended) between two enveloping sensations, Hidden Cali is nothing short of a sensual citrus revelation that can be enjoyed throughout the home, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Refreshingly and distinctively citrus, but minus the sharpness that makes you squint your eyes, experience grapefruit like never before.

Top:   White Grapefruit / Nutmeg / Frankincense
Middle:   Pink Grapefruit / Patchouli / Sandalwood
Base: Cedarwood / Vanilla / Musk

Rich, black wax, hand-poured with curated fragrances into our signature lustrous & label-free onyx glass vessel.

  • Soy-Coconut Wax Blend
  • 100% Cotton wick
  • Fragrance mixed with natural oils
  • Phthalate & Paraben free
  • 8oz - 50 hours to burn

    Burn Responsibly:

    • Trim your wick to 0.5cm before each use.
    • We know our fragrances are irresistible, but please burn no more than 3 hours. Tip: Rotate 2-3 RUKSKE scents at a time so you can keep on burning.
    • Balance is everything. Keep your wick centered.