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lets HELP each other and keep connected

** NOTE: we worked on this so quickly that we listed the full price and not as a 50% deposit. Once you send us your journaled pants for slouching and customizing, we will request the balance due. Anyone that purchased has been refunded the difference** 

RTH is a small business but more importantly we are a family/community. ART is a great form of therapy as is journaling.  These days things feel even more overwhelming. So let’s combine the two.

In an effort to keep our business going, we are offering these vintage deadstock 100% cotton painter/carpenter pants as a blank canvas/pages for you to document on during this journey.

These JOURNAL PANTS are a good way to use the extra time, sort your thoughts, release some mental energy and find a moment of pause.

The pant kit includes a white or natural pair of pants (please include a size range in the notes portion of your order), a black sharpie and a pouch of bits. The rest is up to you. If you’re heavy handed with markers, we suggest having a napkin inside the pant area so it doesn’t transfer to the other side. And if it does, there’s beauty in imperfection. You’ll find a way

Take some color markers, pens, nail polish, coffee grinds, beets...... and be free. There are no rules on what or how you journal on these pants. Do it on your own , with your partner and the kids. These can become a family plaque. 

In a few weeks, once we conquer this, you’ll send us your journal pants and we will embellish and slouch them for you. 

We will be sharing progress of our pants as we go. Please email or DM us update pics we can share with our family. Also, if you want some tips or have some tips please share those too!